Anxiety and depression is now getting very common because of the lifestyle of today’s people and the working environment is increasing it too. Every other person is in some stage of depression and anxiety, some will realize it and some will ignore it and get to live with it. It is necessary to get anxiety counseling Dubai especially when it start hurting your daily life routine and giving you major challenges. It is very common now to get depression treatment Dubai that people are starting taking it is a normal thing unlike people of past you took it as a taboo. If anyone around you will start showing the following symptoms then you should help them immediately before it gets too late:

Most of the people start showing mood swings when they are at the start of any mental health problem. Not all people how this sign and also not all people with mood swings have the problem of depression because some people have the nature like this. But if a person suddenly starting showing this change of behavior then it means there is something wrong with them and you have to identify that.

Other than mood swings people also start losing their weight drastically without changing any major thing in their diet. It is because their mind is occupied by too many thoughts and it will be unable to process and work as usual. They will start thinking too much about different things or about a particular thing that they eat absent mindedly. Their brain doesn’t give proper signals to the body and stomach as a result their food will not give them the energy which it should provide and the person will start losing weight.

If any person near you starts complaining about their disrupted sleep then you have to pay attention to what they are telling you. You have to get to the reason about what is going on with them. You have to ask about use of technology while sleeping or any other habit which they have developed and it might disturb their sleep. If there is no change in anything, then it is surely a sign of early stage of depression or anxiety which the person has not realized yet or ignoring. There must be something that is bothering and you have to help them.