It is one of the biggest decisions parents will make: what school to send their children to. With so many schools available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your family. This article will outline some factors you should consider when making your decision, and provide some tips on how to choose the right school for your kids!


The first thing you should consider when choosing a British school in Qatar is its location. A school that’s too far from home may be difficult for your child to get to and from each day, especially if they have extracurricular activities after class hours like sports practice or music lessons – this could also impact how much time they spend with friends at home (and vice versa), which may mean less socializing outside of school as well!


Another factor worth considering is proximity: does it make sense financially if there’s another option nearby? If so, then don’t hesitate on making that decision instead since costs will likely outweigh benefits otherwise! And if there’s no other choice but to send them far away, then at least it won’t be too difficult for you either way because they can always take public transportation back home after school (such as buses or trains).


The reputation of a British curriculum school in Qatar is important and should not be overlooked. This can include both academic performance among its students as well as extracurricular activities offered by the institution itself; it might also include any awards given out for outstanding accomplishments in these areas over time – this could help determine which type(s) would suit your child best based on what interests them most!

Extracurricular Activities Available To Your Child

When choosing an educational institution for your child, it’s important to think about the activities they would like to participate in outside of class. For example, if your kid is into sports, look for a school that has a strong athletics program; alternatively, if they’re musically inclined, then make sure there are opportunities for them to join the choir or orchestra.

Size Of The School

The size of the school can be another consideration – some parents may prefer their children go to smaller schools so there’s more one-on-one interaction with teachers and classmates (which could be beneficial during early years), while others might want them to attend bigger schools where they have more opportunities to get involved in different clubs and societies.