People often suffer from hormonal issues and most of the time females are the ones who go through this problem. If there are any glands of hormonal issues then people need to consult a good endocrinologist in Dubai because they need to get the right treatment at the right time. Females who got more severe hormonal issues or some males will get the problems of joints as there will be less movement in their joints. While moving their arms or walking these people will get severe pain which is sometimes unbearable and they will need to get injections to make it bearable. These people should go to best orthopedic hospital in Dubai and get their treatment done from there. Along with medicines they also need to change their diet a bit and they need to eat healthy food on daily basis. To know about these healthy foods you have to read this:

Egg: Egg is an amazing source of different nutrients. You will get lots of calcium in egg whites and fats and proteins in egg yolk. If a person is young and does not have any kidney or heart problem then he should consume at least one whole boiled egg daily or if they have any problem then they can get only egg whites of 2 eggs daily. This will provide amazing amount of calcium which is necessary for bone health and it will reduce the risk of osteoporosis too.

Yogurt and milk: Milk is another great source of calcium which should be taken daily from childhood till end. But there are some people who will not be able to consume milk because of lactose intolerance but these people can get yogurt as an alternate because it also has the same amount of calcium in that.

Sun: People often take the natural sources for granted but the reality is that sun is the biggest source of many nutrients which are necessary for the body. Sunlight will provide Vitamin D which is an essential element to convert milk’s calcium in to digestible calcium. Without Vitamin D you will not get any benefit form calcium no matter how much more amounts you will get in daily routine. You need to take early morning sunlight for atleast 30 minutes to get the benefits of it. It will not harm you when taken early.