Stats are something that we need every day to grow and see how much development we have done so far. If there are no stats, there will be record keeping and record managing. You must be wondering that why stats are so important.

Well we will explain this to you with the help of an example, let us say that you have opened one of the best event production companies in Dubai and you have spent a lot of money. Now it has been almost a year you are working and you are getting money as well.

But you want to see that how much money have you made so far then it is obvious that you will pull out some records that will have some charts and those charts will have some stats. If your entertainment agency in Dubai has made more than you spent then you will put the stats away and if the stats show less income flow than what was initially spent then you will be hiring different people to get some work.

The world of entertainment industry is very vast place and we have seen many people struggle and then fail badly at this industry. We have heard of some really bad stories as well and some really struggling stories as well.

The main issue is that the people in the industry don’t help each other out, there will be a gem of a person who will help you out without any benefit but it is best to help yourself and if you want start best then it is suggested that you read our stats about entertainment industry below because this will help you in knowing what to do and what not to do;

So much money: there are many research firms that have said that this industry is the biggest revenue generator because many estimated that by the end of 2021, the total revenue generated from a single industry can be 2.2 trillion dollars.

Music industry: the music industry made more than 43 billion dollars in 2017 and the sad part is that the musicians only get less than 12 percent of this amount.

The split of money: no matter how much the money is the first distribution of money is made between three parties Universal, Sony and Warner and this is the 70.1 percent of the total money.