Our life is not about fulfilling necessities that include having food, sleeping, and giving birth. A man has other needs as well. They are social animals due to which connections and social relationships are important for them. Therefore, they prefer to live in communities and crave communities when they lack friends and relations. That’s the reason why people still read “How to influence people”. Besides social relations, they have some spiritual and psychological needs. That’s the reason why there are religion and the concept of god. A large population of the world believes in the existence of god because of the need for faith and relations.

There are many religions in the world today in which Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism are the commonest. The followers of Islam are called Muslims. They believe in one god which they call Allah. They have to offer Salah five times a day to be thankful to their lord. Salah can be offered on land but the majority offered it on the mat, called prayer mat.

Prayer mat has great importance in the households of Muslims. They are considered sacred and most divine thing. People keep two to three mats at a special place in their house which is always clean and neat. Many of the houses have at least one fine and fluffy prayer mat that they use on important days like Eid and Shab-e-bara’at.

Many of the people even gift expensive and soft prayer mats to their loved ones when they come back after Umrah and Hajj. They consider it the holiest gift to be present to their relatives. Therefore, many shops and malls are known for selling luxury prayer mats. You can visit their shops physically or virtually to get a variety of folding prayer mats.

Besides, many houses use prayer mats as décor as well. People frame their best mats and hang them on walls to add colors and holiness to their room.

The world is nothing without humans but humans need the support of religion to remain brave and courageous. Islam is doing that and the prayer mat is the evident proof of it. People use it as a gift to show how much Allah support their loved ones. They use it as décor to have faith in Allah that he is there with them. They offer Salah to keep on believing in his existence and his hand on them.