Sleep is necessary and if you don’t sleep, you can go nuts. You must be wondering that how come a person can go nuts without sleeping. Well, you will be shocked to know that there is a real life story related to sleep and right after you read it, you will be making your routine right.

There was an experiment done in Russia regarding sleep. They wanted to see that after how many days the people would die if they did not sleep at all. And the people who volunteered, did it for the sake of their homes.

They were given a huge amount of money so that they could take part in the experiment and their home people could eat for the rest of their lives. This is a story of the times when there used to wars and people were devastated.

These three people had to live in a home type room and they were not allowed to sleep, they even were drugged with some medicines that would keep them not to sleep for days. And right after 3 days, each person started to become like a zombie.

And after seven days, all were dead. One person was so much nuts that he ate the other person in half and literally raw and the second person just banged his head into things so that he would die and before dying he said that he is beating his head so that he sleeps forever.

So, now you know that how sleep is a necessary thing. And if you don’t feel like sleeping, then there is a possible chance that you don’t have a good mattress and it is best that you bought a mattress from the best mattress shops in Dubai or from the shops that provide memory foam mattress in Sharjah, if you don’t know how to buy one, then keep reading to know more;

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