If you are loved of luxury cars and go at the shops of every luxury car service expert to take assistance of German experts of car maintenance in Abu Dhabi, then you would be keen to watch Formula Race. There are many interesting facts about them but the top five of them are:

  1. There are two championships in Formula Racing. We all are familiar with first championship but second championship in the Constructor’s Championship. Every team registers for both of them. The team can use the same car for both competitions but driver should be different in both of them.  Usually the winner of the first championship is the winner of the second championships but in past, the winner of Constructor’s championship was different ten times.
  2. Although we see tens of other people on screen of every team, most of the teams have 600 people. F1 racing teams are very big. They can be a team of 600 people but not more than that. The team members work on car, its surface and driver. They design costumes for them. Besides, they use their tools to keep them furnished and speedy.
  3. Drivers are on screen and they are the ones who can win the team. They have to bear poor ventilation system of the car and use all machines of the car. Therefore, they lose eight to nine pounds of water while racing. That’s why team provide drivers with water and liquids to keep them hydrated. However, many drivers don’t come out of the car when they get break. They stay in car.
  4. The team spends around $400 million to create and design a racing car. However, it does not include the salaries of team members and drivers. Yet, the cars are sold of $10 to $20 million. Most of the budget is allotted to its maintenance and tune-ups. Most of them is also spend on its covers and other structures.
  5. Although 13 is considered as an unlucky number in America, it is used two times in Formula Racing. It was used in 1963 in Mexico Grand Prix and 1976 in British Grand Prix. The number is usually given to identify the racer and car. However, 13th numbered-racers did not qualify for the second race in both competitions. Moisés Solana and Divina Galicia were the drivers in Mexico and British respectively.

So, these are top five facts about formula racing. Formula Race are one of the most popular car race in the world. The world’s best drivers take b part in it. Many of the teams hire the best engineers and experienced professionals.