Chinese food in Dubai is a great cuisine to eat by many people because it has less spices and ingredients with great taste. People like to eat Chinese food other than any other cuisine because they are usually made up of sea food and good ingredients. According to the choice of your taste you can also get best Filipino food in Dubai and eat what you like the most. Here is a complete list of ingredients that are used to make a great meal of Chinese food:

Regular soy sauce: It is one of the main ingredients of Chinese food and it is used in almost all the recipes. It is lighter is shade and saltier in taste than the regular sauce so it will add a great taste in the dish but do not change the color of the dish.

Dark soy sauce: It is used in the dishes which are made from the meat and it is darker in darker in shade and less salty. It has an additional sweet taste to give a different taste to the dish. It is used with the combination of light soy sauce because it does not have enough taste. It gives color to the dish more than taste so to give the best taste these two kinds of soy sauce are added together while frying.

Chinkiang vinegar: This kind of vinegar is called the older one or black vinegar because it has a very dark brown color. It has a dark color and pungent smell with savory tart taste. Its taste is clearly changed from the regular vinegar.

Peanut oil: It is the soul of many dishes because it gives a great taste to the dish. It is difficult to find a pure peanut oil but if you find tit then try to get that because it gives an amazing taste to your dishes. The main thing to check whether the oil is pure or not, you have to add it in to the dish and cover it with lid. After some time when you remove the lid then the smell of peanut should be there. It has low in price but with more smoke point and great taste. You need to cook vegetables in both peanut oil and vegetable oil and then you can see the difference in both dishes.